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Bespoke Business Consultancy

We have listed some of our most popular services on this page. If the service you are seeking is not listed here we can still help as we can be consulted on all business and financial related subjects.

Our team has a broad range of knowledge and experience and we genuinely feel there is nothing we cannot be consulted on. If we do not know about a business topic, you can guarantee we will have contacts that do.

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Venture Capital

We invest in or find venture capital for all types of businesses and projects encompassing all sectors of business whereby we match the right investors to the right projects.

We can provide seed money for most projects but have a particular interest in sports, renewable energy, hospitality and software.  No project is to large or small, and following the appropriate risk analysis, funds can be granted quickly. 


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Business Development

At Gunhild Management we combine in-depth strategic analysis with extensive experience in sales, marketing and general business practices to deliver a world class business development service.

Work for our clients in the past has involved everything from development of products and services, including the creation of marketing strategies and generating sales leads within DTC channels. We have also negotiated and closed deals on behalf of clients.

We offer a complete end to end service to our clients regarding business development consultancy.

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Market Studies

Our market studies are based on proprietary first-hand information combined with wider industry perspective and are designed to help companies gain further insight into market data in relation to industry and sector trends. This allows our clients to make informed decisions on the direction of their business.

Each study is unique to each client and their industry and will contain forward-looking data and information on market intelligence which provides insights into complex issues their business faces.

Our Market Studies are crafted to give the client a competitive edge allowing them to refine their strategic planning and identify new and existing business opportunities.

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Corporate Due Diligence

Our strategic approach to corporate due diligence helps inform our clients and allows them to make the right business decision prior to proceeding with an acquisition.

Our due diligence reports are created to give fact based, independent analysis regarding a target's business health, and present the most pressing operational and commercial issues.

We conduct deep analysis of the target's market, using a well practiced strategy to deliver independent validation required by private equity firms needing to make decisions on investments. 

We identify risks and opportunities within the given market via a fact driven market analysis, and advise our clients accordingly regarding an acquisition strategy.

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Investment Management

We work with advisors, fund managers and investors focusing on alternative and traditional assets alike. This allows us to view issues from all stand points and advise our clients accordingly.

We provide our clients with honest and unbiased financial planning solutions, investment advisory services and independent planning advice. We help our clients to identify, prioritise and quantify their financial goals.

We take a realistic approach regarding expectations setting achievable goals for the client to pursue, which in turn allows prudent and disciplined investment and savings strategies to be followed.

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B2B Consultancy

Our B2B services are focused around helping our clients start new business conversations with their target market, thus generating new business and strengthening bonds with existing business partners.

We help our clients to stay strategically close to their target market, insuring sustained and profitable growth of sales leading to the constant generation of value.

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